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With over 15 years of technology consulting experience, Thorsen Consulting is pleased to provide the following services:

Molly Connolly helps business owners and leaders identify issues and challenges in their business and take action by discovering and implementing new ways of addressing them.

By establishing and dedicating time to focus on key issues, you will find yourself making incremental progress towards goals which can lead to sizable results. Molly provides a structured, confidential environment where you are able to describe key issues and receive feedback on your approach and ideas. Molly’s role is to ask questions as a guide toward action and to offer accountability for the goals that you set to achieve results.

Training and mentoring new employees is a key ingredient to the success of any organization. Yet with cut backs (elimination?) in middle management and team members with full plates, it is challenging to spend the time needed to get new employees up to speed. Thorsen Consulting offers seminars and on-boarding training sessions to help guide your team members through important training skills. Our focus is on helping team members become knowledgeable about available resources, learn to provide great customer service, develop trouble-shooting skills and quality assurance techniques so they can become valuable members of you team quickly.

There are many challenges when designing custom software for clients. How do you best determine your client’s needs? With so many products and technologies to choose from how do you help your client select the right tool for the job? Thorsen Consulting can assist you with process analysis, needs analysis, and strategic planning.

Thorsen consulting has a finger on the pulse of the FileMaker community. If you’re a FileMaker business looking for new talent, or a developer looking for a new career opportunity, let us know so we can help you find the perfect match.