New Features and Training Resources for FM14

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New Features and Training Resources for FileMaker 14

The latest release from FileMaker came just after the start of our June 2015 JumpStartFM class. Molly Connolly put together a quick list of tips and resources for developers tackling the changes in FM14:

Cris Ippolite has added two videos to his comprehensive training course on One video covers the new features available in FileMaker 14 and the other offers training on those new features to get you started. Cris Ippolite is a skilled instructor and his videos and JumpStartFM sessions are favorites among our students.

Soliant Consulting has prepared a series of short instructional videos for FM14. The free videos “Unboxing FileMaker 14″ are posted on the Soliant Consulting blog and on YouTube. Martha Zink’s demonstration of “The New Script Workspace” is helpful to anyone who wants to learn to write scripts with more efficiency:

Richard Carlton Consulting has updated his 30 hour video series for FileMaker 14. This very affordable short course is summarized in the introductory video available on the website.

What FM14 training resources are you finding helpful?

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