Can FileMaker Training Help You Make More Money?

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Can FileMaker Training Help You Make More Money?


One of the most visited posts on Thorsen Consulting’s blog is this one: How Can FileMaker Developers Earn More Money? If you browse the post, you’ll see that there is a relationship between lifelong learning and career earnings. Developers who participate in professional development programs and work to apply what they’ve learned tend to command higher salaries over the course of their careers.

It’s easy enough to agree that we’d all like to invest in professional development, but sometimes it’s not that easy to do! We’ve all got work and family demands that often mean our learning goals get pushed to the side. Though there are excellent FileMaker training resources online, very few people can carve out the time and focus to complete self-study programs. It’s tough stuff!

When I put together my own course, I designed the schedule with those challenges in mind. I wanted a course that would create an intense burst of focus on a set of topics that could be tailored to the needs of each student. JumpStartFM integrates the best online resources with hands-on projects and feedback from the best developers I know.

I also listened to the employers who come to me with their recruiting needs and I built their feedback into the program. This is not just a technical training program. It’s designed to be a program that advances your career and expands your earning potential. It also connects you with a group of teachers and developers you might not otherwise get to know.

If you’re curious about JumpStartFM, you might want to download the JumpStartFM.updatedFAQ.2015 for the course. The FAQ will answer most of your questions about how the online FileMaker training class is organized and it also outlines the costs involved as well as what you can expect in terms of the course workload.

This year, we’ve made the class more flexible for busy schedules. A series of pre-recorded webinars replace the online meetings we used to have each day. We’ll still check in “live” once a week and you’ll have time during the live sessions to get feedback and answers to your questions from some of the most respected FileMaker developers in the field.

Another good resource to help with the decision-making process is this interview we did with James Bardwell, a senior FileMaker developer who completed JumpStartFM last year. If you’re self-employed, the IRS publishes guidelines on the tax-benefits for work-related expenses. You might check out to see if there is an opportunity there for you.

Another opportunity to consider is the scholarship opportunity for DevCon 2015*.  DevCon is a great place to network and learn new things. If you’ve never been to DevCon, this might be your year! You can submit an application through May 1, 2015.

*The scholarship application is now closed. Please check back to read about the winning applications!

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