Subscribe to FileMaker Talk podcast and download free audio from the 2012 FileMaker Product Developer Conference.

Audio recordings from the 2012 FileMaker Product Developer Conference: Download FREE via FileMaker Talk podcast Matt Navarre and Matt Petrowsky's popular FileMaker Talk podcast will offer subscribers a selection of audio recordings from the 2012 FileMaker Product Developer Conference. The conference is a gathering of FileMaker product, plugin and app development experts organized by Molly Connolly and Allen Imbarrato. The 2012 meeting theme was “Growing a Successful FileMaker Business.” Recorded sessions that will be made available free of charge to FileMaker Talk subscribers include presentations from Chris Cain, Allen Imbarrato, Ernest Koe, Matt Navarre, Michael Podolny, and many more. These recordings give ...

Top Five Quality Assurance and Testing Checks for FileMaker Developers

“Top Five” Quality Assurance and Testing Checks for FileMaker Developers compiled by JumpStartFM participants and Debbie Zempel.

How to Write Status Reports that Keep Clients Happy: Tips for FileMaker Developers and Software Consultants

How to Write Status Reports that Keep Clients Happy Voicemail: “Hey Bill, it’s Sandy at Widgets, Inc. I just wanted to check in with you before I head to my meeting – I haven’t heard from you lately and Shannon is getting concerned about where we are on the project. I’m sure you’re busy but give me a quick call back so I can give my boss the heads up. He wants an update before I submit your invoice for payment, okay? Thanks so much!” If you’ve been consulting for any length of time, you’ve probably found yourself in this position at ...

FileMaker Training Self Study Materials

Over the years, Molly Connolly has put together a list of FileMaker training resources helpful for self-study. Whether you're a JumpStartFM student or simply a developer seeking to round out your skill set, we think you'll find our FileMaker resource list helpful.

Online FileMaker Training: JumpStartFM starts June 2, 2014

JumpStartFM, the one-month online FileMaker training course begins June 2, 2014. There is still time to register for  - we'd love to have you join us! Check out the course webinar schedule: Course Overview & Needs Analysis – Molly Connolly System Design & Architecture – Molly Connolly Certification Prep – Cris Ippolite Quality Assurance & Testing – David Knight Data Modeling – Cris Ippolite User Interface, Design and Usability Deployment, Installation, Configuration & Backups Customer Service & Support – Molly Connolly Scripts & Calcs - Matt Navarre Developer Tools – Matt Navarre FMGo Mobile Musts – Matt Navarre Estimating – Debbie Zempel And 5 more! Feel free to drop us an email if you have questions ...

How Can FileMaker Developers Earn More Money?

How Can FileMaker Developers Earn More Money? by Molly Connolly My blog post, generated great conversation about earnings. When numbers like these come in from the field, it’s important to remind yourself to think about earnings in the “big picture.” If your employer offers flex-time, telecommuting and provides administrative, sales and marketing support on projects this should all be factored in when considering your compensation package. But what if you’re still not happy with what you earn? How can you move into a higher bracket and how can you assume more leadership responsibility on projects? First you need to identify areas where you ...

May 13 Webinar on Training Junior FileMaker Developers

May 13, 2014 Webinar, "Training Junior FileMaker Developers."   Interested in growing your business or need help mentoring a junior employee? Join Molly Connolly on May 13, 2014 at 11 a.m. Central Time for a live webinar , "Training Junior Developers." The webinar will be about 45 minutes including time for Q&A.  Areas of focus include: 1. What to look for in hiring a junior developer; 2. Technical resources for your new hire; 3. Business resources for your new hire; 4. Sample skill building exercises helpful for training. Join the meeting by following the instructions below: 1.  Please join my meeting, May 13, 2014 at 11:00 AM CDT. 2.  Use your ...

How to Prevent Developer Burnout

How to Prevent Developer Burnout I'll bet everyone one of you has picked up a job from a client whose developer "disappeared". I heard one guy sold his house to live on a house-boat, and more than one developer just stopped responding to phone calls. In the cases where I've picked the client up there are always good reasons--the client is challenging or you get under the hood and you see the developer painted themselves in to a corner. But I also think (and I hear it from coaching clients and fellow developers often) that burnout is a big part of ...

dotfmp Pan-European Unconference for FileMaker Developers

The dotfmp Pan-European Unconference for FileMaker Developers will meet June 2-4, 2014 in Berlin, Germany. dotfmp is a chance to talk with and learn from other FileMaker developers in a relaxed environment. This conference is very affordable - there is no cost to attend the meeting and discounted hotel rates start at 131,00 euros per night (you can help offset the organizers' expenses by making a contribution here.)  Check out the schedule of dotfmp conversations on the website.

News and Events from the FileMaker Community and MightyData

MightyData shared some recent news and events from the FileMaker community and was kind enough to include a link to JumpStartFM, Molly Connolly's online FileMaker training course that begins June 2, 2014. Head over to MightyData's blog to check out other FileMaker resources mentioned in MightyData's blog post, including links to updated FileMaker technical briefs; access to a recorded learning session, "An Introduction to Calculations" and a recorded web seminar, "Idea to iPad - Document Management."

Molly Connolly’s Recommended Favorites from the 2013 FileMaker Product Conference

Extensitech mentioned some of Molly Connolly's projects on the company blog this week. The post included a mention of our upcoming JumpStartFM online FileMaker training course and a discussion of a few of her favorite presentations from the 2013 FileMaker Product Conference. Click on over to Extensitech's blog to read the complete post!

How Much Do FileMaker Developers Make?

  How Much Do FileMaker Developers Make? by Molly Connolly I recruit and train FileMaker developers for custom software solutions and have extensive knowledge of compensation in our field. Here are some salary numbers that I put together to help you get an idea of what junior, mid-level, and senior FileMaker developers earn: Technical Lead A Technical Lead is currently the most sought after FileMaker position in the industry. A technical lead not only has great technical chops, but they are able to perform needs analysis, architect solutions, interact with customers and above all—manage other developers. This person helps you grow your business. This person ...

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