Senior FileMaker Developer Reflects on JumpStartFM Online JumpStart Training Course

  Seasoned Developer Reflects on JumpStartFM Course   The deep experience and broad skill sets on the JumpStartFM team of instructors means that even senior FileMaker developers will find challenges within the coursework. The JumpStartFM team of instructors is led by Molly Connolly and includes David Knight; Cris Ippolite; Matt Navarre and Debbie Zempel. Here are some reflections on the course from James Bardwell, a senior developer based in Spokane, Washington. James Bardwell, a senior developer and founder of a local FMPug in Spokane, Washington completed the June 2014 JumpStartFM online training program. Bardwell began using FileMaker 3.0 in the early 1990’s for his ...

2015 DevCon Scholarship: Molly Connolly and Cris Ippolite on FileMaker Talk Podcast

 2015 DevCon Scholarship Details!     Molly Connolly and Cris Ippolite discuss the 2015 DevCon Scholarship opportunity on the FileMaker Talk podcast. Hosts Matt Navarre and Matt Petrowsky get the scoop on what a winning application will look like. Get all the details via this brief podcast episode. Want to apply? Click here!  

Profile of a Support Developer

I recently posted about the importance of identifying the type of developer you are or aspire to be. In that article I differentiated between two types of developer: project and support. In this post I will expand on the attributes of a support developer and why those attributes can be important when expressing interest in a new FileMaker development position. A key revenue generator for any FileMaker consulting business is the maintenance of existing systems that are already in production. The FileMaker platform’s rapid development and flexible nature lend itself perfectly to a constant flow of modifications, enhancements, and upgrades. New ...

Devcon Sponsorship Application Details–Applications Now Being Accepted

Welcome! On behalf of myself and Cris Ippolite we thank you for taking the time to check out this valuable learning opportunity. Cris and I are both seasoned FileMaker developers whose careers took off after attending the 1997 Devcon in Monterey, California. It was at this conference that we met other developers and gave us both confidence that there was a great need for our services. One of the greatest problems facing the FileMaker Community today is lack of qualified developers. As such, Cris and I are each offering to fund a first time Devcon attendee's conference pass. We understand that ...

Apply for a Devcon 2015 Scholarship

Starting April 6 and ending on May 1, 2015 we will be accepting applications for anyone interested in winning a free conference pass to Devcon. We will award two free conference passes. The main qualification is this would need to be your FIRST Devcon (we're trying to bring new people into the community!). Put a few minutes to draft a brief essay starting with “iSolutions and Thorsen Consulting should send me to DevCon because…”

June 2015 Dates Announced for FileMaker Online Training Course, JumpStartFM

Molly Connolly has announced dates for the next FileMaker online training class, JumpStartFM. The course begins June 1, 2015 and concludes June 25, 2015.FileMaker professionals who register before May 1, 2015 will receive an “early bird” discount that saves $250 on the usual course fee. FMPug members receive an additional discount of $250.

Project Manager vs. Technical Lead

I’ve done a considerable amount of work over the years managing projects for a FileMaker Business Alliance Platinum Level development shop and managing custom development projects for my own clients. On the topic of custom development project management, I have written white papers, presented seminars and Devcon presentations, and coached a number of development shops on the implementation of project management processes. Needless to say, when I’m around others in the development community, project management is often a topic of conversation, particularly how to define what a PM actually does. The most common misconception that I’ve come across is mistaking a ...

What kind of FileMaker developer are you?

As a long time FileMaker guy, I’ve had the opportunity to play many different roles around the business of FileMaker. I started my career as an in-house developer, then I became a developer, trainer, and project manager at a FileMaker Business Alliance Platinum Level company. Later I started my own development, consulting and coaching business. As a result, I have experienced a wide variety of development scenarios and I have come to realize that being a FileMaker developer can mean a lot of different things, depending on a lot of different  variables. When looking for new employment opportunities, you should consider ...

Landing a New FileMaker Gig

FileMaker is an amazing custom database platform. All types of organizations, such as businesses, schools, and non-profits, have been using FileMaker for decades to track their important mission critical data. Who builds these powerful data tracking tools? Everyone from professional full-time FileMaker consultants to the internal knowledge workers who are also the primary users of their solutions. If you develop FileMaker solutions, you may or may not be aware of the vast opportunities that exist for you. That’s where we can help. Thorsen Consulting is a FileMaker recruiter specializing in matching the right developer with the right opportunity. Here’s how it works. Connect with ...

JumpStartFM, Molly Connolly’s one-month online FileMaker training course begins October 6, 2014

JumpStartFM online FileMaker training course begins 10/6/14. Molly Connolly's next one-month online FileMaker training course, JumpStartFM begins on October 6, 2014. Download the JumpStartFM.FAQ for more information. JumpStartFM is a great training resource for busy software developers. This month long, project-oriented course is taught by Molly Connolly, David Knight, Cris Ippolite, Matt Navarre and Debbie Zempel. Developers attend twelve online classes  and complete project work on their own time. One-on-one feedback from the expert instructors means the hands-on project assignments can be tailored to your needs. Expressions of interest due by 9/13/2014.    

FileMaker: How to Hire a Junior Developer

  Molly Connolly's presentation, "How to Hire a Junior Developer," provides valuable insights on hiring, training, and evaluating junior FileMaker developers. Click the image below to view the presentation on the FileMaker Technical Network:      

FileMaker Developers Conference 2014

  FileMaker DevCon 2014 is just around the corner and I’m busy planning my schedule and getting ready for my presentation. I look forward to attending DevCon each year and I’m always glad to connect in person with friends and colleagues from all over the world. I’m also excited about exploring San Antonio – I’ve heard it’s a fun town and the River Walk  is something everyone should make time for. I thought I’d share my schedule and I hope you’ll join us at one of these events: Tuesday, July 29th at 9 a.m. – “Onboarding New Developers.” You’ve hired a smart, capable individual who ...

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